Google Map Mashup Design for Crowdnut

Had a great time designing the website for CROWDNUT.com; especially the tactile and chunky UI, map markers and ticket popups. It’s an upcoming web app / google mashup to help people discover music festivals and events they’ll be nuts about!! Through user testing people really loved playing with the controls, pushing the 3D style buttons which gave more incentive to discover new musical treasures on the website driving the key objectives of the app.
For this project I took visual inspiration from retro music equipment and controls used in music production and at live events. The key was to make it fun and functional, taking the user directly to the action.
Designed by Lawrence Whiteley
web design crowdnut-popup

crowdnut.com web app design
UI design - Music Genre Buttons

UI design - Music Genre Controls

UI design - Price Slider
crowdnut.com web app design