Wond Design Agency was created in 2010 to provide quality infographic designs and as things evolved we expanded this offering, supporting our clients' needs for all aspects of 2D digital design.
Anything print and typographic: Reports, infographics, posters, t-shirts, business cards etc.
Things that move: Motion graphic videos and graphic overlays.
Stuff for web & social: Branded content, web design, link bait and GIFs.
But no matter what you need in these spheres; our ethos will always be to create work that communicates,  engages and clicks with your given audiences.
We live in a graphically cluttered world, bamboozled with choice and media flying through us. So we're here to help you stand out. Tell your story. Be heard.
We don't do all this alone. Wond work with a growing pool of worldwide talent; each specialising in different areas meaning you can come and talk to us one on one like you would with any good service and we can offer exceptional work, to urgent deadlines if required and at great scale too. 
All part of living in the modern age with all the comfort and reliability of a bygone era. That's the future, or well it should be. At least it exists here.
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