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Premium report design & professional service


Wond design agency provides managed, report design services to help companies communicate beautifully and effectively with their customers and stakeholders. We are creative experts in design & communication and specialise in visualising information and design for print and digital.

We know what it takes for your business to achieve its commercial objectives and ambitions. The Wond team have decades of creative, design and project management experience working with some of the world’s biggest names in technology, finance, research and health.

Premium service

We understand a graphic design service is more than great quality design. To make our service exceptional and efficient we include a dedicated, account manager so we can support you on projects. They will prepare a roadmap for each project and ensure everyone is on the same page and everything is delivered properly and on time. They are available to answer any of your questions, provide regular project check-ins and updates. Because we want to make sure your graphic design needs are taken care of with a trusted point of contact.


We use our creativity and design principles to communicate the power of your content so it is clear and engaging. Our design is modern and smart. The easiest way to describe it would be to look at Apple’s clean, modern and inclusive approach. As a design agency, our work is about finding the right balance between both form and function.

Our Services

Report Design.

Annual report design

White paper design

Micro report design

Long form document design

Brochure design

Proposal design


Digital & Interactive report design

Catalogue design


Bespoke infographics

Beautiful graphs and charts

Infographic templates

Map design

Data-driven storytelling


Engaging graphics

Sales & Promotions

Company announcements

Corporate communication

Product/Company launches

Case studies

Our Method

For clarity and efficiency, we separate projects into three distinct stages: Discovery, Design and Delivery. From project launch, to delivery, to roll out and beyond, we are passionate about building strong lines of communication.

We listen to your requirements and understand your objectives. We then provide a comprehensive response within 24 hours including an itemised quotation and timelines for the project.



We work with you to make your content look amazing whilst adhering to any visual guidelines you have. We include revision rounds as part of the project process ensuring you have the time to incorporate any feedback.



We deliver your final files on time and in all necessary formats. We are always here to support your needs providing a best-in-class service.