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Creative with data

Wond is a design agency offering companies the best design services to fit with the modern marketplace.

With over 12 years of creative and project management experience, we’re not just creative experts – we are experts in communication and partnerships. We know that’s what it takes to apply creativity. successfully. to your business to achieve your commercial objectives and ambitions.

We specialise in data visualisation and design for print and digital. We are fortunate to count some of the world’s leading businesses, institutions and start-ups amongst our clients.

We utilise a robust strategic approach. We harness our creativity and intelligent design principles to solve complex problems across a broad range of sectors, communicating the power of your ideas and data in a clear and effective way.

Working with our clients to create compelling content aligned with their business principles and strategies, establishing a long term collaborative partnership to help set out your narrative as a business, add value and achieve your ambitions.


Our Services

Report Design.

Annual report design

White paper design

Micro report design

Brochure design

Proposal design


Digital & Interactive report design

Catalogue design


Bespoke & Template Infographics

Data animation

Dashboard design

Interactive Map design

Data-driven storytelling

Chart design



Engaging graphics and animation

Share insights

Sales & Promotions

Corporate communication

Product/Company launches

Case study design

Our Method

For clarity and efficiency, we separate projects into three distinct stages: Discovery, Design and Delivery. From project launch, to delivery, to roll out and beyond, we are passionate about building strong lines of communication.


We start by listening to you and your requirements and understanding your objectives. We will do our own research to provide a comprehensive response and to discover the maximum potential within the project constraints.


Our design approach is to simplify. We embrace making something that is complicated, become transparent and easy, in order to achieve lasting solutions. To over simplify it; the easier it is for someone to process what they are seeing, the more readily it is absorbed.


We structure a project plan against a timeline to ensure we are aligned and in agreement before starting. We provide a clear and easy process from start to finish, here at every step to support your needs and an environment for excellence and providing a best-in-class service. 

Wond Design

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