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Wond are an award-winning data visualisation design agency. Sitting at the intersection of data and design, we specialise in infographic design and data visualisation and provide engaging insight into your data, creating exciting infographics, data animation visuals and media content.

We continuously challenge conventional thinking using a combination of our design knowledge and data visualisation techniques and have a deep understanding of the impact dynamically presented data can have. Combining this knowledge with our experience in bringing data to life enables us to create striking infographics and productive marketing assets for your organisation.Why use us? Too often, your data is static and lifeless. That’s where data visualisation comes into play.

Infographics, chart design and interactive dashboard design, can draw our attention to significant data trends, and correlations that wouldn’t stand out in a spreadsheet or presentation. By using data exploration techniques and Data-driven storytelling, you can communicate these key insights.Our goal is to provide your organisation with attractive and engaging design solutions for delivering your data. We believe that visual clarity improves business intelligence by making your data easier to understand. Allow us to frame your data, visualise your KPIs and improve your customers’ insight.

Our Services

Infographic design

Data animation

Dashboard design

Interactive Map design

Data-driven storytelling

Chart design


Infographic Design Services

In a world where 90% of the information we process is visual! Communicate complex data quickly and effectively with engaging infographics

At Wond, we design infographics to communicate visually, and we have the experience to create tailored visuals that precisely fit your needs. Studies have shown that infographics are liked and shared up to three times more than any other type of content.

With that in mind, we work with you to produce engaging infographics; That help set your company narrative, leveraging social engagement and adding SEO value for your content marketing team.

Data Animation Services

Perfect for telling your story animated data videos are a content form that can explain your organisation’s data in a visual and straightforward story with a sculpted narrative driven by statistics, insights, and ideas.

Wond combine eye-catching video with thought-provoking data to
evoke more robust user engagement than static imagery alone.

We use animated videos to bridge the communication gap between your organisation and its intended audience. Creating data animation videos and dashboards, explaining your sales, social, web, marketing analytics or any customer relationship management (CRM) data.

Interactive Mapping Services

Wond has a history of solving challenging data communication problems. In addition to providing bespoke data visualisation, we create interactive maps that incorporate geospatial design and develop them with bespoke data points for our client’s.

Data cartography is an art, and making beautiful and informative maps is a service we offer. Using location data in our map designs, we engage audiences on web and mobile applications, communicating the information of where & why with the best cartographic software.

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