Exceptional Report Design

We work with our clients to give them the power to engage with key stakeholders through effective and compelling report designs. 

With essential information about your company’s financial targets, performance, and strategic direction, an annual report is a unique opportunity to speak directly to internal and external audiences and convey clear and compelling core messages.

With professional designers and communication experts to guide you, we can manage every stage of your project, ensuring stunning communication that is persuasive, easy to understand, and demonstrates your company’s commitment to transparency and accountability.

From high-quality printed materials for your investors and stakeholders to interactive documents, infographics, and online page-turners, we deliver value by identifying the perfect annual report design solution to fit your organisation’s needs. Let’s talk!

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Bespoke Report Design

Annual Report Design Services

Our goal is to help you achieve a great annual report design which requires a combination of transparent financial reporting, informed infographics, concise content structure, and high-quality print.

At Wond we bring together effective communication, strong content, and outstanding design and production to produce engaging and inspiring reporting.

We have a long history of developing great annual reports and a body of work that attracts global clients. In each case, the common goal is to present a story as distinctive as the organisation.

This year celebrate your place in the market. Stand out. Be special.

White Paper Design Services

In the corporate world, one of the most effective communication and sales assets are white papers. With expert insight, data-driven research and thought leadership the key foundation for a good white paper. We work with you to design and shape your white paper into a powerful tool making your organisations content more engaging, shareable and persuasive.

Wond has worked with some of the most innovative brands in the technology industry to produce engaging & high-converting creative

Whether you’re looking for a one-time project or need a white paper design agency who can become an integral part of your team, we’re ready to help make your white paper design more effective, helping your audience absorb your thought pieces and data and understand the underlying message with absolute clarity.

Brochure Design Services

At Wond we take great pride in creating innovative and engaging brochure designs that will provide a thought-provoking marketing piece for your clients to engage with.

An impeccably designed brochure speaks volumes about your organisation and its place in the market. Whether its a marketing asset, proposal document, or an annual report. Wond considers branding, narrative, fonts, photography, illustrations, infographics and how to structure and display this content.

We want to inform, inspire, persuade and engage your audiences imaginations, and turn your brochure into an effective tool that gets your organisations message across.

We work with you to maximise time in front of your audience with innovative brochure design, and regardless of your objectives, we shape your narrative and the effectiveness of your brochure design creating a powerful marketing tool designed to deliver results.

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