Building for the Future Report Design

A Roadmap to Sustainable Development




Report Design

Interactive Document Design





This annual report design for AXA provides an overview of the of the principles, practices, and benefits of sustainable building design and development. The report addresses and offers recommendations for the environmental, economic, and social concerns of the current landscape. The report was designed to be used digitally, incorporating interactive elements to help users navigate the document easily.


The brief for this project was to design and produce a multi-page report in a digital only format. Together with the client, we decided to make the document interactive to help engage the target audience and effectively communicate the report’s message. It was important that the report was visually appealing, user-friendly, and optimised for digital viewing.


We worked with AXA to decide on the overall design direction, including the colour scheme, typography, and imagery. We also worked on outlining the structure and layout to help plan the content, functionality, and interactivity of the report. Based on the wireframe and design direction, we started to design each page of the report, incorporating interactive elements such as hyperlinks and buttons to enhance the user experience. We reviewed the design and content with stakeholders throughout the process, testing the interactivity and functionality of the report to ensure it worked as intended. Once the design was finalised and approved, we exported the report as an interactive PDF with optimised file sizes for digital distribution.

Deliverables Summary

AXA Building for the Future report as an interactive PDF file