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This suite of reports for the Legatum were produced by our report design agency which provides a comprehensive picture of prosperity for the nations listed.

Led by Carlos Montes and Stephen Brien, and advised by some of the world’s foremost trade experts, the Global Index of Economic Openness enables governments to assess the economic impact of these market distortions.

As part of this programme we are also producing a series of in-depth case studies analysing individual countries’ performance in the key characteristics of openness to trade, investment, ideas, competition, and talent.


Wond were tasked by the Legatum Institute to produce a report design encompassing all the data and data design features for a series of breakout reports highlighting the following areas Market Access and Infrastructure, Governance,  Enterprise conditions and Investment Environment as well as a conclusion for each country. Backed up with the data and references to form an authoritative verdict.

Client Goals

Our aim was to provide a suite of easily digestible reports with clear and concise design across multiple sections of data. Legatum Institutes ambition was to create a this set of reports that show the market and infrastructure environment, governance and economic prosperity of the following countries (below) to help set the agenda for growth and development.


Deliverables Summary

GIEO Ghana Report  

GIEO Peru Report

GIEO Colombia Report

GIEO Morocco Report

GIEO Egypt Report

GIEO Zimbabwe Report

GIEO India Report

GIEO Indonesia Report

GIEO Ethiopia Report



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