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Decommissioning California’s Oilfields Report

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This report explores critical insights into the transition towards a low-carbon economy. Published by the Carbon Tracker Initiative, a renowned team of financial experts pioneering climate risk assessment in capital markets, this research sparks a vital discussion on managing stranded assets and unburnable carbon within California’s oilfields.

The brief for this report was to develop a cohesive design that seamlessly integrated graphics, charts, and imagery throughout the document, emphasising the urgency of the subject matter. We needed to design visuals that could effectively convey complex financial and environmental data, enhancing reader engagement.

Gaining a thorough understanding of The Carbon Tracker Initiative and the content of this report laid the foundation for an effective design approach. Every graphic, chart, and visual element was carefully curated to ensure it could distill complex financial and environmental data into easily digestible visuals. Throughout the design process, iterative reviews played a pivotal role in maintaining alignment with the report’s objectives. The outcome is a visually arresting document that not only communicates intricate information but also underscores the pressing need for sustainable change.

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Decommissioning California’s Oilfields report as a web native PDF and print ready files