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Why Asia should avoid the LNG trap

Carbon Tracker Initiative

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Report: 63-page sustainability report design. Portrait A4 PDF format, to be hosted on our client’s website for their clients to download.

Infographic:  full spread infographic as PDF and PNG to be hosted in report and on web properties.



We were approached by the Carbon Tracker Initiative communications and events team to create a bespoke report design and template with layout for a series of ongoing reports. They needed a sophisticated design to present their research to the energy market, a report that was clear and incorporated their new brand guidelines, that conveyed their data and narrative in a visually compelling and engaging way.


We worked with the Carbon Tracker comms team on drilling down into their brand guidelines to develop the visual language and style for this series of report designs. We designed a bespoke report template crafting the core components of the visual foundation including layouts, photography, typography, colour use and incorporated infographics to visualise complex data narratives. We applied the content for the first of an ongoing set of reports for our clients needs.


Our bespoke template design now allow us to respond swiftly to our client’s needs in an appropriate and impactful manner, delivering a cost effective and engaging narrative with a minimum turnaround time to meet the companies ongoing publication needs.