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Energy UK Annual Report December 2022


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The Energy UK Annual Report provides an overview of the company’s performance and achievements over the previous year. The report is designed to be informative and visually appealing, with a focus on effectively communicating key messages and data points. The design process involved careful planning, visualisation, and collaboration with Energy UK to produce a final report that meets their needs and expectations.


The brief for Energy UK’s Annual Report design was to produce a visually appealing, informative, and interactive document that could effectively communicate the company’s performance and achievements. The report needed to align with Energy UK’s vibrant brand identity, with a clear layout and engaging visuals.


Starting the design process for the Energy UK 2022 Annual Report involved gaining an understanding of the company’s objectives and gathering the relevant information and data. We then began to visualise the document, experimenting with different layouts and design elements, and working closely with Energy UK to ensure the report aligned with their expectations and goals. Following initial designs and feedback, we refined the design, resulting in a visually appealing and engaging annual report that effectively communicates Energy UK’s performance and achievements over the year.

Deliverables Summary

Energy UK 2022 Annual Report as a web native PDF and print ready files