EULYNX Annual Report Design

EULYNX Annual Report 2021




Report Design




The EULYNX Annual Report outlines the company’s progress over the last year, and includes a financial summary as well as an update on their member’s activities. Through the use of vibrant and dynamic design elements, the report’s design is both practical and visually engaging.


We were asked to create a professional, modern, and visually engaging annual report design, incorporating EULYNX’s photographic style, vibrant colour scheme, typography, and overall visual identity. The design needed to be coherent throughout the report, with all elements properly aligned and formatted, in order to maintain consistency and brand recognition.


Based on research and planning, we developed several concepts that aligned with EULYNX brand guidelines and the theme of the report and presented these to stakeholders for feedback and approval. Once the final concept was selected and approved content was provided, we started to work on the design and layout of the report. Throughout the process, we reviewed the design and content with stakeholders to gather feedback and make necessary changes. Once the design was finalised, we delivered the final product in a print-ready PDF that could be distributed digitally or in print form.

Deliverables Summary

EULYNX 2021 Annual Report as a web native PDF and print ready files