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Staysure is one of the UK’s leading travel insurance brokers with over 6 million policyholders and recently voted the UK’s Number 1 Travel Insurance Provider, specialising in cover for over-50s in the UK and people with pre-existing medical conditions.


Wond was tasked by Staysure and their SEO agency to come up with an innovative way of addressing the needs of their policyholders with pre-existing medical conditions and offer an informative guide to the European winter sports market.

We researched the current offering for people with pre-existing and degenerative medical conditions who wanted to partake in winter sports. We discovered that there was no single source of information around resorts that cater to specific needs or medical conditions.

We data researched resorts that catered to the needs of the conditions Staysure offered insurance for. We combined this resort data with the winter sports on offer and factored in weather and accessibility metrics.

Wond then designed an intuitive microsite based on strong UX principles which allowed a user to narrow down a resort based on their disability and sporting preference.

The microsite gave a customer all the data on the resorts that catered to their specific needs in one informative responsive microsite and allowed them to access travel insurance for the trip.