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A Wond designed fully interactive sports document  for Wyndham hotels. Wyndham are the largest hotel franchise company in the world. With an unmatched portfolio of exceptional brands and the industry’s simplest, most generous loyalty program, they are the champions of the everyday traveler.


Wond were tasked by Wyndham to produce an interactive document design encompassing all the data and data design features for their sports  offerings  and facilities for their brands and hotels across the EMEA region.

The main goal of the document was to allow their B2B teams to have an easy to use document that highlighted the range of facilities on over across Europe and allow them to talk to fitness and sports teams and show what Wyndham have to offer.

We created a fully designed and linked document that allows the user to search by location, activity and narrow down the facilities of any of Wyndhams hotels offline and on the go. The document had to be easily transferable and work independently of Intenet access.


We worked with Wyndham hotels and their brand guidelines to develop the visual language and style for the this interactive document. We designed  bespoke page templates and icons crafting the core components of the visual foundation including layouts, typography and colour use. We the applied their location and facility data to create a fully interactive document where the user could search hotels by facilities, location and sports offered.