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General Electric launched a new B2C initiative that connects with young entrepreneurial inventors. The concept was to create a platform where innovators could share their work, gain access to GE patents.

The GE Idea Works project was created to use a vast network of young entrepreneurs, their intellect, experience and skills becoming available to those who partner with GE Idea Works. With over 300,000 GE employees behind them. Using their knowledge to collaborate and solve complex problems across multiple industries.

GE Idea Works approached Wond to create 4 infographic designs as part of a series covering their areas of focus- collaborate, innovate and accelerate.

Working with GE Idea Works team, we visualised and created a suite of infographic designs across their areas of focus – collaborate, innovate and accelerate. These infographics were developed to be used across their website and within their workshops. Wond data visualised the concept to deliver four standout and transparent designs.