Retro Ice Cream Poster & Colour Palette

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Designed by Lawrence Whiteley
Retro Ice Cream Poster-01
Hope you like this retro colour palette and poster design. For many reasons ice cream can make us all nostalgic and these colours for me carry a seductive vibrance and get my mouth watering. As you can see they work really nicely on a dark grey background. So until summer comes back arround for us northern hemisphere folk, use this colour palette at will. Hope it inspires!
To make it nice and easy for copy and pasting 🙂

coffee – e5ccb2
mint choc – a9ff9f
strawberry – f9d0dd
cornish vanilla – fdc944
lemon ice – ffe933
chocolate – 664000
orange sorbet – fb923b
lemon sorbet – fffffa
raspberry – ff2d25
vanilla – ffffdf
blackcurrant – a87b95
bubblegum – 91d0d6

cone – d4931e

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