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Unlocking Prosperity in Chile Report

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The Legatum Institute is a London-based think-tank with a bold vision to create a global movement of people committed to creating the pathways from poverty to prosperity and the transformation of society. This report represents a visual and informative exploration of Chile’s journey in economic growth and inclusivity. It aims to engage readers while effectively conveying the nation’s progress and strategies for a prosperous and equitable future.

The brief for the report design, “Unlocking Prosperity in Chile: Building a Competitive and Inclusive Economy,” demanded clear information and data presentation to enhance accessibility and engagement. The report needed to be produced for both English and Spanish, ensuring that the content resonated with a diverse and international audience, fostering a deeper and wider understanding of the subject matter.

The bilingual nature of the report, in English and Spanish, required careful consideration of layout and readability in both languages. The incorporation of infographic and photographic visuals played a pivotal role in presenting data effectively. The design aimed to cater to diverse audiences, suitable for both digital and print distribution, ultimately ensuring that Chile’s journey towards a prosperous and equitable future was communicated with clarity and impact.

Deliverables Summary
Unlocking Prosperity in Chile: Building a Competitive and Inclusive Economy report as a web native PDF and print ready files