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Home Credit’s Sustainability Report for 2022 explores the company’s commitment to environmental responsibility, social inclusivity, and ethical governance within its financial services. Through the report’s bold visuals and information clarity, the report design underscores Home Credit’s role as a responsible corporate entity, illustrating its ongoing dedication to being a more sustainable and inclusive company.

First and foremost, the design for Home Credit’s 2022 Sustainability Report needed to effectively communicate the company’s commitment to sustainable practices and transparency. The report needed to include clear data visualisation, highlighting Home Credit’s ESG initiatives, environmental impact, and social responsibility efforts. It also needed to be in alignment with Home Credit’s brand identity, and suitable for digital formats.

Designing Home Credit’s annual sustainability report involved a structured process. First, it required a thorough understanding of the company’s sustainability goals and performance data. Gathering relevant information on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) initiatives was crucial. Designers then worked on creating a visually engaging and informative report. This included choosing appropriate graphics, layouts, and colour schemes to effectively communicate Home Credit’s sustainability efforts and brand identity. The report also needed to align with the company’s brand identity. After iterative design and review processes, the final report was prepared for electronic distribution, serving as a transparent and compelling showcase of Home Credit’s commitment to sustainability. A standout feature of this report’s design is the navigation bar at the top of each page which allows users to interact with the document and move easily between sections.

Deliverables Summary
Home Credit Sustainability Report 2022 as a web native, interactive PDF.