ICANN Report Design

The Creation and Administration of Unique Identifiers



Scope Report Design




‘The Creation and Administration of Unique Identifiers’ offers the first comprehensive documentation and analysis of the evolution and use of unique identifiers in the Internet and how different entities developed, deployed, used, and, above all, managed Internet identifiers. The report’s design focuses on a clean typographic layout, with occasional use of photography and diagrams to help communicate clearly and concisely.


This report required a focus on readability and accessibility, with a clear visual hierarchy, appropriate use of typography, and clear section breaks. The report design needed to align with ICANN’s tone of voice and be suitable for both electronic and print distribution.


Once we had a clear understanding of ICANN’s objectives, including the company’s tone of voice and the information that needed to be communicated, we started to design the layout of the report. This involved experimenting with different typography, colour schemes, and design elements to enhance the report’s readability and accessibility. We incorporated feedback from stakeholders throughout the process to ensure the final design would align with ICANN’s expectations.

Deliverables Summary

ICANN Report as a web native PDF and print ready files